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I’m Laurice and I live in NYC; Brooklyn to be exact. I’ve always been a curious person and that’s led me to a lot of different jobs: fashion journalist, design proprietor, Apple technician. But when I think about it, my jobs were more alike than I realize; they were all about creating something: writing an article, designing a website, or presenting a new way of understanding a technical concept.

C.V.’s can’t tell someone’s whole story, but if you’d like to see mine, here it is.

At the risk of making this sound like a dating site, here are some facts:

• I don’t drink or smoke, but do love sugar very, very much.
• I’m a dog person.
• Matcha is my favorite drink.
• I’m a INTJ (feel free to Google that one).
• I’m a beach person who doesn’t function well in altitude far above sea level.
• I've lived more than half my life in NYC.
• My favorite decade is the 80s.
• I find the taste (and smell) of coffee odious.
• I eagerly try every new to-do / productivity app only to always return to pen and paper.

Instagram: @lauriceparkin