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From 2008 until 2019, I worked for Apple as both a Creative and a Genius. As a Creative (aka trainer), I taught individual and group classes and workshops on all things Apple—software and hardware. From getting started on your Mac to creating cinematic effects in Final Cut Pro, I taught it all to everyone from ages 8 to 88.

As a Genius (aka technician), I hold the certifications of ACMT (Apple Certified Mac Technician) and ACIT (Apple Certified iOS Technician). But, although I like fixing things, I love teaching things. Technology can be amazing, but it can also add anxiety and frustration to our lives. My goal is to help everyone find a little bit of zen in using their tech.

I provide individual, group, and corporate training on your topic of choice; some examples of which (but not limited to) are:

• Personalized training on anything Apple
• Consultation on best Work From Home / Remote learning set-ups
• Backup Solutions
• Password Management and Data Security
• Buying advice and recommendations
• Understanding and using iCloud within the Apple Ecosystem
• WiFi Networking solutions and setup

Please reach out if you’re looking to gain some Apple zen.